Boase Design creates dream renovations/spaces by listening to clients wants and needs. We take the information our clients tell us, and create a plan that attempts to blend the existing space, the budget, and the needs of the client to create a space that will leave them breathe less.


We use 3D CAD (Computer Automated Design) software to illustrate how a clients renovation will look at the end of the project. This allows for clients to see the end result and make changes to the design before a hammer is even lifted. Changes to the design are much easier and cheaper to make on the computer than they are in the real world. 


Cost, is one reason why we feel it is so important to set a finalized design before the renovation starts. Design changes in the real world are very expensive and sometimes not even possible due to the structure of the house. However, if the design is discussed and seen in 3D, clients can see what they are getting, and issues or design flaws can be fixed before the Reno begins. 


The design and discussing wants and needs with clients is usually where every renovation begins, so please feel free to give Boase Design a call so we can help you to realize your dream space. 



Boase Design will design and build exterior projects such as:

Decks | Porches | Windows | Patio Spaces | Privacy Fences | Additions





Full Interior Renovations, featuring:

All new electrical & plumbing services | Floor Plan Remodels | Kitchens | Baths | Flooring | Basement Remodels | Additions